PKS Refresh and Renew Closet Cleanse Contract

Purple Keys Styles: Refresh and Renew Closet Cleanse Contract




This contract is made between _________________, (hereafter known as the Client) and Purple Keys Styles (PKS) (hereafter known as the Contractor). The Client desires to have The PKS: Refresh and Renew Closet Cleanse, described below (#3), performed upon the Client's premises located at   _______________________________________________________________________.  Therefore, the parties hereby agree as follows:

1. Client shall paid Contractor $75.00 for consultation visit/ call. (Non-refundable)

2. Client shall grant Contractor access to the closet and its surroundings during mutually agreeable times. _____________________________ (Date and Time of agreed service)

3. Services to be performed by Contractor include reorganizing contents of closet, folding and hanging clothes, organizing purses and shoes, organizing scarves and belts. Bagging clothes that will be donated.  Client is responsible for dropping of donating/ recycling clothes.  Client is also responsible for providing Contractor with hangers.

4. Deposit of $____________________, is required to be paid via Pay Pal invoice / Cash/ or money order. Contractor will email invoice and will confirm receipt of invoice with client.

5. The balance of $__________________ MUST be paid the day before schedule worked day.

6. Contractor shall begin performing services on __________________.   Service is for ____________ hours. Each additional hour will be $75 an hour.

7. Client can terminate agreement with in 48 hours after initial Consultation visit/call. After 48 hours Client will lose deposit.

8.  Client can reschedule in order to not lose deposit. However, Client and Contractor must agree upon the new day and time.

9. Client has a _____________________________________________________closet.

(Regular Closet, Royaly Closet, Celebrity Closet, or a Department Store Diva/Don Closet)


10. Contractor is allergic to cats and dogs. For an effective and efficient service the Contractor request that the Client pets are in a different room away from Contractor work area. Please also advise contractor if you do have pets.

In witness to their agreement to these terms, the Client and Contractor affix their signatures below:


Client's printed name, date


Client's Signature, date


Client's street address, city, state, ZIP code

Purple Keys Styles                                          

Contractor's business name


Contractor’s signature, date


Contractor's business address, city, state, ZIP code


(A completed copy will be emailed or mailed to client with in 72 hours of consultation meeting)